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Weed-Ex 'the art of fast weeding'

The new patent pending weeding system called 'Weed-EX' was presented at different shows worldwide over the last year. Until now it was a huge success, we'd like to thank all of our distributors, partners and customers who are promoting Weed-Ex!

In detail Weed-Ex is a top quality transfer film, which is laminated with two 75 micron carriers.

The film will be cut with the software called 'CoCut Professional 2017'. The software will allow to cut the material with different settings at the same time.

First, all outlines will be cut as usual, but the inlines will be cut twice. Due to cutting twice, the first carrier will be cut through. The inlines will stick on the second carrier while peeling off the first carrier. At the end you will have a completely weeded product without having to weed the inlines.

Weed-Ex will save you time and labor cost. While having less material loss due to mistakes in weeding, you are able to increase your working capacity and accept larger orders from your customers.

Weed-Ex Intro