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Weed-Ex - 1000W

The Weed-Ex 1000W series consists of flex films (Premium series) with two self-adhesive polyesterliners (each 75µ). Due to this technology you will be able to peel the inside of letters without weeding.

We realized that all the weeding that you have to do, with a typical flex, takes away a lot of your time. What if you could quicken the process? You could save time and increase productivity. The solution you've been looking for is here! Our Weed-Ex offers the same quality as our Premium 1000 series but includes the innovative technology which completely removes weeding from the equation. This is Weed-Ex. The art of fast weeding! 

Thanks to the self-adhesive polyester liner you will be able to cut small letters and reposition your cut design before pressing. The high washability allows this film to be suitable for workwear.

  • Suitable for cotton, polyester and mixed fabrics
  • Nova-Flex 1000W can be layered (only with other Weed-Ex or Premium)
  • Available in two colours. More colours are planned!
  • washability: up to 95°C
  • Materialthickness: 90µ
  • Application same as 1000 Premium series

Due to different quality of garments & heat presses, we recommend to test the materials before any application.

The technical datasheet can be downloaded here: